About Us
Changxing Benneng Gas Appliance Co.,LTD is specialized in Gas burner,Website:, ODS, Pilot burner, Thermocouple, Igniter, Electrode and Nozzle. They are mainly used in gas grill, gas range, gas oven, gas heater, gas fireplace, gas refrigerator and other related gas appliance. The plant?covers an?area?of?12?thousand?square meters and has?a number of?highly qualified staff. We are good at exploring and design new models for customers to meet their special specification requirements. We are very near to Shanghai ,Hangzhou and Nanjing, and you are welcome to visit our factory anytime you want.
Products and services
Ignitor ,Electrode , Thermocouple, Pilot burner, ODS pilot burner, Nozzle, Gas burner,